Temporary Hire


Temporary Hire

Recruit, Screen and Hire

Centek will recruit, screen, and hire brilliant individuals for your temporary assignments. We dedicate time into placing them for victory and readying them to embody our promise and persistence while on obligation.

Our clients find that they have more time to accomplishing their goals by allowing Centek to do all the footwork it takes to locate, onboard, and supervise a talented staff for them.

Find Great Talent

Find great talent is what we do, and we are darn good at it too. We apply core values on every decision. We are creative and that is why companies can trust Centek to manage finding the right individuals to work with our customers and achieve their goals.

Overcome difficulties along the way

Managing temporary employees you will always run into unexpected difficulties along the way. While we follow a strict set of  processes to confirm superiority placements and mitigate issues, you will find when an issue does come up we will resolve it immediately.


Can we help?

Contact us and tell us about your next project. We will analyze your case to offer the best solution.